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Dr. VanWyck & Kylee give a presentation to young school children.


The most effective anti-cancer medicine may just be the foods you eat. Diet is everything! Choosing a healthy diet, one rich in whole grains and non-processed foods can improve your life.
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Good Oral Hygiene goes further than just the mouth

Good oral health care prevents tooth loss and leads to overall health, as a variety of diseases have been linked to poor oral hygiene, including cardiovascular disease.

Dr. VanWyck and Ellie spent two wonderful days at a Dolphin Research Center.

Congratulations to each of our patients who have practiced excellent home care and had no cavities on his or her last visit to the hygienist! 

When you remember to brush three times daily, floss, eat healthy, and drink lots of water, the result is happy and healthy teeth. 

Begin Dental Visits Early

As early as your child's first birthday! 
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Your confidence and loyalty to Dr. VanWyck and staff is greatly appreciated. We would like to say thank you to those who have referred family and friends to our office. 

To show our appreciation of your loyalty to our office, when you refer a new patient to us, they will receive a $25 discount on their first appointment, and you too will receive a $25 discount on your next appointment. 

We want you to know how important your trust is to us.

Toothpaste Origins

The recipe for toothpaste was found on an ancient Egyptian papyrus. This toothpaste was a mixture of rock salt, dried iris flour, and pepper ground up and combined together. One of the first known uses of toothpaste dates from the year 23 AD.

In 1780, burned the bread was used as toothpaste.

By the 20th Century, toothpastes and liquid tooth cleaners came along. Fluoride was added to prevent tooth decay and humectants were included so that the products would not harden unnecessarily. Herbal toothpaste became popular and some without added fluoride were also popular. The use of peppermint oil, myrrh, and strawberry extract continued in their popularity.