Nutrition Corner

Vitamin D and calcium from dark leafy vegetables like kale and collard greens are good choices. Keep in mind the thought “everything in moderation”. Remember the occasional “pleasure food” is OK but a balanced diet, exercise, and good sleeping habits all contribute to our overall health and well being. 

Conventional medicine is mostly built on drugs and surgery, not prevention. So be your own doctor and read all you can to gain knowledge. However, beware of Google searches, you may get good and bad information. The following books are a good place to start: “The Smart Patient” by Michael Roizen MD and Mehmet Oz MD., “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell PHD(2006), “The Natural Prostate Cure and Zen Macrobiotics” by Roger Mason(2004).

A future of reduced cancer, heart disease, diabetes and auto immune diseases is a real possibility. This future is worth working for, so, drink plenty of water, exercise daily and eat smart!